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 We’re coming to HIIT hard in Brunei



 Shine X is where it happens. Energy. Willpower. Results.

Smash plateaus with workouts designed to leverage the science of High Intensity Interval Training. Morph your physical and mental state with breakthrough results and euphoric workouts. Build strength and torch calories with 60-minute classes set to pulsing tracks and led by our Shine Xperts. Xtreme lighting, sound and energy create a heart pumping, immersive experience that awakens.


turn your active social life into a social active life

SHINE X brings fitness-minded people together through community events including birthday celebrations, corporate events and private small group sessions.

The SHINE X community extends beyond our studio walls, and we are committed to giving back to the people and places that brought us here. Contact us if your favorite non-profit organization needs innovative fundraising ideas. Shine X will donate 100% of the class proceeds to a local charity of your choice.


 our classes

Monday - Legs & Abs
Mondays we take on the biggest muscles in the body and get those legs looking fleek! By partnering up with the number one show muscles of all time in the abs, Mondays are now the day that gives you Xtra!

Tuesday - Chest & Back
We’re bringing sexy back! Tuesdays are for anyone looking to improve their front and back torso. Tighten trouble spots and develop a lean, sexy back.

Wednesday - Full Body & Abs
Wednesday is about thinking outside the box! We’re ditching the dumbbells and focusing on kettlebells, slamballs, bands and bodyweight to give you that full body workout, whilst hitting the abs from all angles during each move.

Thursday - Legs & Shoulders
Thursday is about moving that energy from top to bottom (yours) across the whole session. Shaping a subtle shoulder and sculpting legs that will help you sprint faster and get stronger.

Friday - Chest, Back & Abs
Friday is the day to get your upper body tight! Take 2 on the chest and back but this time with added abs!

Saturday - Full Body
Saturday we take on the whole challenge! You name it, we hit it!

Sunday - Shoulders & Arms
Sunday shows us that nothing looks better than toned arms and shapely shoulders!


 frequently asked questions

+ What is Shine X?

Hard, fast results. Shine X is a full body, ever-changing, 60-minute high-intensity workout. The ultimate combination of group fitness and circuit training. Every signature class is designed based on the science of interval training and delivers cardio, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Innovative equipment and classes limited to 18 clients. You receive Xpert and individualized attention.

+ How do I book a class?

If you’re new to the Shine family, please visit our Sign Up Page on the Shine Cycle website to register your account. Once you have an account, simply select a Shine X class from the Schedule Page.

+ The space?

Dark, mysterious, and provocative. Shine X occupies approximately 260 square meters (2800 sq. ft.). The former office area has been reconfigured into an urban, energetic space that will get your heart pumping before you ever step on a treadmill. With illumination unlike anything in Brunei, our new studio is a playground for the senses.

Clients will appreciate spacious changing rooms with luxury skincare products, keyless lockers, customized equipment, and even chilled towels for a little post-training pampering.

+ When are you opening?

End of June 2019 is our target opening date. Sign up to receive updates and sneak preview tours and events.

+ Why it works?

The Shine X training system is based on science and proven to burn calories and increase lean body mass. Each 60-minute class combines weight training with cardio and blends explosive bursts with periods of recovery.

Each day focuses on a different muscle group. This perfectly balanced approach allows time for recovery and it’s the safest, fastest way to achieve the body you want.


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